I started my triathlon journey alone.   I wrote my plans off of things I found on the Internet and just trained alone.  I was doing ok and I was finishing,  but I wasn't really getting better.  I stumbled upon Tri with Skye randomly playing online and I started looking into what she does.   I was really impressed with her team attitude and the support for her athletes.  During training for my first tri with her I took 3 minutes off my 5k time and 1 minute off my 500 swim.  I started training for my first half marathon and I took even more time off my 5k and learned that even though I've only been running for a year I can do an 8 min mile.   Skye pushes me too improve,  she runs with me when I'm dragging and she celebrates my accomplishments alongside me.   Our team has a wonderful group of ladies that support each other through everything.  Signing up for this team has made my triathlon journey better than I could have imagined.   I laughed at the thought of doing a 70.3 and now I'm planning it.  Skye gave me the confidence that I not only can,  but I will complete it. 

-Courtney Cappello

TRI with SKYE has been featured numerous times in the popular blog "MOMcomplicated"

How I found Tri with Skye was by a very random coincidence. I was leaving the gym and saw a bunch of women running in the parking lot. I stopped a girl running and asked her what they were doing? What group were they with? She explained it was Skye’s group and they were training for the sprints coming up.  I went on-line and looked Skye’s website up and I knew I needed to talk with her. I liked the idea of a training group specifically for women. You can work out together even if your race goals are different.  The group is mostly mom’s but  what I wanted is a group  female setting and personal attention as well.  I found it in Tri with Skye.  I was looking for a female coach at the beach that understood the complexities of a womens life.

I signed up for my first IronMan Nov, 2013, for the IMFL in Panama City, Florida.  I have always worked out and thought I was doing everything to prepare. Being nervous and not knowing if I was doing it right,  I knew I needed some support so when I found out about Skye it was perfect timing,  I signed up in May and for the next six months, I got everything I paid for and more.  Skye gave me my training schedule online. She allowed me to join the groups running and swimming indoor/outdoor groups. She answered all my questions. Skye relieved me of my fears. “If I did the workouts I can do the race.” she would say. Mentally she prepared me for the longest race day I would ever have. I would whine, she wouldn’t give in,  which led me to whine less and just do the training.  She understands the struggles of time commitments and would work around your life.  But you had to get back on that training plan.

Skye does not let you give up. She pushes to what she knows your capabilities are. She is generous with her advice and with her network of family, friends and sponsors. She can get you equipped with gear, training and mental courage to get you to your first tri. She loves helping others and is passionate about her triathletes

.-Kimberly WIchlan IMFL finisher 2014

What Others Say About Tri with Skye

"Thanks Skye for being such a great coach and helping me finally say I've completed a triathlon ( sprint ). You've inspired me to follow this up with a half ironman next year...." Jamie Joseph

"What an amazing, fun, exciting experience this has been!! You are a natural at coaching and leading!!! Thanks so much for bringing out the best in each of us. Can't wait to do it with you all over again!!!" Natalie Gotwalls

"Thank you Skye for giving me the confidence (and training!) to accomplish something I would never have considered doing before! " Jen Vandeloo

"WOW!! I mean WOW!! Thanks girl!! Totally could not have done it without you!!!!" -Amy Francis

"Thank you again, Skye! I had an amazing time training with, and learning from you. I am so looking forward to my next Tri! Thanks for encouraging us, pushing us, and believing in us." Melissa Hersh

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